Saturday, September 18, 2004

Too Weird to be Fiction

Here's me on Saturday the 11th, seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was absolutely amazing! I know, water is just water, but it was so different from anything I'd experienced before I was like an open-mouthed child at everything. Check them out at Emily's site:

I'm dogsitting this weekend for Michael and Barbara Garrett. Surf their family blog at to see their beautiful baby Mazen (who is now crawling and has her first tooth)!

Had the strangest dream the other night. I dreamed I was being chased by a flying carving knife -- you know, 12-14 inches long, big fat handle, serrated -- and I'm in the car with my mom and we're trying to outdrive the thing, but it's flying along right outside the window and in fact, trying to come through the window (which, by some standard flaw in my brain, was rolled halfway down).

The weird thing about it is this: the knife is coming at me handle first. It's trying to insert itself into my hands. And the wind is howling in the car, my mom is shouting directions, I'm shouting as I hold my hands out, trying to push the knife out the window and NOTHING is working. The thing isn't necessarily overpowering me, but it just won't go away. I mean, how long can you fight? Finally, in desperation, afraid of being killed, I scream IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! and at that moment, the knife is ripped away from the window and I'm lying awake back in my bedroom, it's still dark outside, and everything is as it was.


Kristy said...

Whoa....Weird dream. Did you find meaning in it? I mean other then maybe you ate something strange before bed...or drank one too many diet mtn. dews? :)
I had a dream.....and now when I type that I can't seem to remember it. OH yea! My sister and Deanna and Connie (Deaf lady from my church here) were in my old old church in Albany, OR. She was signing and I was voice interp. for Deanna *grin* I like that when that happens in my dreams. Although I understood the signs, I remember my voice interp. wasn't that good, but Deanna understood!

abcd said...

hey there, i guess it may be an evil spirit and i'm glad you trusted in Jesus. :)

anyhow, referring back to my blog on your comment, i was actually haunted by the past. not the real life now. what i really meant was i've gotta move on and not dwell upon what happened. i do wanna feel awesome everyday.. with Jesus! :)

Emily said...


I had a VIVID dream the other day that aliens were invading the earth (yup--I've had the exact same one before, too). There was all this fighting by battleships in the sky... two different alien "peoples" were fighting each other in our atmosphere and destroying our planet. I saw people die and buildings destroyed and... it was really scary. really, really scary.

That was part of MY dream. Too much MIB and ID4 I guess.

Becky said...

Jenni! I loved those pictures of you! I just smiled really big when I saw them, and it made me miss you even more. Im really glad you had a good time there! I love you!!