Thursday, October 14, 2004

Cute Little Monster!

Right now I have two little foster brothers living with my parents in Troy Ohio. They were place with us in July and I hadn't had an opportunity to meet them until this week since I live in MN.

First, there is Tony. He is the youngest. I'm thinking like a year old. So cute. He's got these huge dark eyes, and is mostly bald except for some fuzz right on top and in back. He gets sick really easily and has had several emergency room visits since he arrived, including one lengthy stay. He's just learning to walk and is SUPER-tipsy. It's both hilarious and endearing to watch.

Then, there is Elijah. He's almost two and though Tony is his brother, they don't look a thing alike. He has this cute little mouth and really energetic, omigoodness. Elijah still doesn't talk, which really frustrates him AND my parents. He was never properly cared for by his birth mom, and hasn't learned how to play nicely. Let me tell you a story...

Tuesday night, I flew into Dayton, was picked up by my grandparents, and they brought me home. I hugged everyone, chatted, and we sat down to pizza (Papa Johns!!!!). AFter dinner I decided to play with the babies since we had just met. I head to the living room and start fake-wrestling with Elijah. I soon learn that whenever Elijah gets really excited (like when someone is fake-wrestling him) he shrieks and claws at the person because he is so happy. A few run-ins with his little claws and I start guarding my face by taking him by the hands and giving him a hug when he started to seem really riled. This seemed to work and pretty soon I headed back into the kitchen to rejoin the adult conversation. About ten minutes later I rejoined Elijah in the living room and we started playing again, but I had been distracted by leaving and forgot about my face...and he didn't. One happy swipe and my nose starts running. I was like WHOA, RUNNY NOSE...

Yeah, my nose bled for like thirty minutes.

I'm clippin' his nails tonight!

Tuesday night I got home

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Becky said...

ha,sounds just like them! cant wait to see you!!