Monday, December 20, 2004

I Got a Job!!!!!

I got a job,
I got a job,
I got a job,
hey, hey, hey, HEY!!!

I am now a SECURITY GUARD!!!! I work at the Minneapolis Convention Center as a patrol guard. I walk through a sector of the Conv. Center, and check for bad guys, sleeping drunks, bombs, fire, broken or hazardous equipment. In general, just maintaining a presence and being visible. I feel very cool. ;) It actually pays pretty well too, and since I was hired to work 32 hours (which is considered full-time), I will get benefits! Francis says that the benefits package isn't the best, but it's not particularly bad. I think I'm just looking forward to being able to pay my own medical expenses and paying my own personal bills without relying on the state to help.


I have completed 40 hours of patrol training and BOY are my feet tired after 8 hours of walking around! I think I have put 40-50 miles on my shoes already. At the end of a full day, it feels like the soles of my feet have bruises on them! My hip muscles are super-sore too, and I'm hoping that all the exercise I'm getting will have a beneficial effect on my general health, to be vague. I will get a picture of me in my uniform and try to get it on here, so you can see. ;)

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