Monday, January 03, 2005


I'm home now! 800 miles in 13 hours, not bad if I do say so myself.

So it's 2005. What did you do for New Years? I didn't do much, hung out with Robin and Danielle a few hours, then went to Francis and Laura's for a movie and a toast. Calm, nice; I was in bed by three. :)

So it's a new year. And I have a new job. And a new lease on life. ;)

The job is going really well. I've worked two nights on my own and now I have two days off and then I work again Wednesday night. I think I'm really gonna like my job; I get paid to walk and think. Walking is good for me, and thinking--I love to let my mind wander. I can't bring a book and just sit and read, but I am going to bring Bible verses on 3x5 cards and work on memorizing Scripture. Last night I worked on Matthew 6:34, a verse about letting tomorrow take care of itself because you've got enough to worry about today.

I am going to pick a verse to be my New Years resolution. Sometime during January I will decide the verse, and then the rest of the year will be for applying that concept to my life with God's help. I'm considering a few...thinking about which one God might have for me. It's kind of exciting. :)


Emily said...

And the fact that YOU'RE excited makes the rest of us excited. :)

Anonymous said...

Jenni you have such good ideas! I am predicting an especially good New Year for you!!

Anonymous said...

Melissa here.
Good to hear the job is going well. For the new year i sat and watched a movie with Kyle. That was it. I loved it though, just sitting around. I got my wisdom teeth out on Mon. Sad for me. Pity welcome.

Ollylain said...

Hope you had a happy new year!

Jenni said...

So, um...WHO was it that predicted that great year?

Emily said...


But it was great to see Melissa posting! Hi Melissa! :)