Tuesday, April 12, 2005

State of Jenni Address

This morning it was 48 degrees when I left my house. And rain was coming down in little spits, like when you give someone a raspberry. Not altogether unpleasant if you are sufficiently dressed.

I think I want a husband. And in lieu of a husband, I'll take a boyfriend. Sometimes I just want someone who can hold me, you know? I want a companion. But see, husbands/boyfriends can be had. They ARE out there. Thing is, I don't just want a warm body. I want my match. That, friends, is longer in coming.

I love my job still. I love getting up and saying good morning to people while they're watching Jay Leno, I love going home to climb in bed while everyone around me edges into rush hour. I love sitting on the roof of the Convention Center and looking at the Minneapolis skyline at 3am. I love getting paid to stay up all night and sleep all day. I love how my uniform gives me the confidence to speak with authority. I love getting paid to get exercise!

This morning on the radio I was listening to the dj's in Nashville at the Gospel Music Association's Dove Awards and they were talking to Nichole Nordeman about how Christians interact with one another. She mentioned that oftentimes we wait to tell someone about a rough time we had had until that rough time was over. THEN we'd say how faithful God was, how He saw us through it. What we DON'T do is say "I'm having a rough experience now, and God is faithful NOW." As she was speaking, I realized that *I* am like that. I do it all the time. It doesn't feel comfortable to say that I have some problem that isn't solved or being solved. Like I've got to cover for God until He gets His act together or something.


Kristy said...

Hey Hottie!!! Your blog really made me happy!! I can't believe that I have seen you go from the point of not being able to even talk about guys to wanting a boyfriend and even husband!! That's so awesome! I'm so happy! Of course my life is a little biased right now *grin* We need to chat! I love you and miss you and pray that God will send you your match, because it's well worth waiting for...believe me!!

Anonymous said...

God will provide ;)

Emily said...

I TOTALLY understand.

Anonymous said...

You will get a Mazenly Graceful man someday!!! I truly believe that.

melissa said...

Someday i hope to get a job i truly love.