Monday, June 27, 2005

Brittany & Marty Schommer, Part II

The reception was super fun! It was so good to see Sarah after quite a while, and EVIE!!!! I hadn't seen Evie in several years! You both were so beautiful! Got to chat with lots of folks, including Britt's family, most of whom I hadn't seen in about a year. Good times.


Anonymous said...

WOW what hotties!!!

Anonymous said...

I know, I could hardly believe just how good looking that groom is!

Anonymous said...

I might be thinking he is just a little TOO good lookin', if he wasn't my husband and it's ok that I think he is that good lookin'!!! Hee hee hee. It's me. The pictures are great - but your company and your help was more than I could thank you for and appreciated more than you will ever know. You rock Jenni - Love, Britt.