Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Unbirthday to Me!!

Today my family is celebrating my birthday since I am in Ohio for a few days and they won't get to see me on my regular birthday. So I got an ice-cream sandwich cake and a bag of circus peanuts for my was lovely!!!!! I had to endure the song and everything...but I didnt' have to do any chores and I got to sleep in as long as I wanted! I think I got up at 11 or something. I will be posting pictures on here as soon as I get back to MN and can get my computer back online. I can't find any wireless networks here so everyone will have to wait for my vaykay pix!

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Anonymous said...

Hey its Melissa.. not sure if you remember me or not, from THS :) Anyways, i came across your blogger and thought i would comment on it :) My xanga is.. hit me up sometime ok?? I LOVE YOU!!