Saturday, June 11, 2005

Jenni, the Intimidating

A coworker told me this morning that i was intimidating because of how I carry myself. For some reason i can't get that out of my mind.


I spend half my life quivering.

Part of me is secretly proud (HA, they think I'm brave!) and the other part of me is ashamed (is that how I want to come across? As someone who can't be approached?) I'm not sure I want to be known as intimidating...but then, if everyone feels totally comfortable walking up to me and striking up a conversation...well, Jenni is not brave enough for that.

oh help...


gnargoudious said...

I think your definition of 'intimidating' is different than theirs. Specifically, they're using it to mean 'can't be figured out in 30 seconds'. So, you're wigged out for being considered complicated. Take a look at the people these guys aren't intimidated by and see if I'm not right. As Whitehead once said, 'the peanut butter implies the muffin'.

Anonymous said...

Ya just need to learn how and when to turn the intimidating on and off. Then you're covered when you want to be and relaxed when you're not.
Says me

Kristy said...

Precious Jenni! I don't think you're intimidating at all! hehe of course I have known you through oh so much and well, that just makes you cute and cuddly not well...uhh what's the opposite of cute and you're not that either.
I LOVE YOU! Have you told you that lately? Cuz if I haven't I'm sorry...and I MISS YOU a ton and another one. So when are you gonna come out here and meet my prince? Cuz you need to give your approval...of course who knows if I'll actually listen to it ;)
I LOVE YOU!!!! You need to call it...go get your phone...pick it up...and DIAL ME! or..the number..I don't know how far dialing me will get you. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

You're not intimidating....or she wouldn't have told you that in the first place.....she would have been intimidated!...what she meant was you carry yourself with confidence that most people lack today...she chose the wrong work and called it intimidation..but really it is confidence...and um....i have a question for friend Jenn and i may come to visit MN and we were wondering if we could hang with you?? maybe in August sometime? I haven't seen you in forever... I love you Henni - Shoes-on!

Emily said...

Sometimes, also, Christians can be "intimidating". We carry with us a confidence that we are saved, we are adored, we are precious. That confidence, no matter how thin it may seem at times, may be what she sees.

Emily said...

BTW - I MISS you, J. We need to make a date. OK?