Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Minneapolis Convention Center has been stressful...let me revise that. LAST night was stressful. And on my night off, too. See if I work a bunch of extra hours for them any time soon.

There's a lot of stuff coming down at work, apparently. Heads rolling or about to roll. It's my impression that my supervisor is one of those people, and where does that stress go? it's goes to us, the peons (sp?). Or me specifically, it's beginning to appear. Last night i got totally reamed out by my sargeant, which sucked. I HATE getting in trouble. The *threat* of getting in trouble is usually enough to make me behave. So i got yelled at last night, and I cried. Right there. Which REALLY sucked. Some of the stuff I got in trouble for was legit (forgetting things, slipping up here and there) and some was total horse caca. It was fairly traumatizing and today I'm feeling pretty puny. I think I will go home (I'm at the library, just finished DBT) and just be at home tonight. Relax. Stuff like that. My Leiutenant called me and left a message while I was in DBT today to see if I could come in to cover a shift either tonight or tomorrow night. I called back and told him Sorry, but no, it just doesn't look like it's going to work. (sigh...tear...)



Becky said...

poor Jenni!!! I do not like that sergeant!! He's dumb. You need me to give you a hug

Kristy said...

Times like this in life really sucks. Trust me I lived with it for the 9/10 months I worked at the crazy house. That happened SO much it was VERY frustrating and I cried on more then one occasion. So I know your pain...and I'm sorry. Does it help that you get to see me in 6 months or so?

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Jenni! Does he really yell? That is so unprofessional!
I would definitely advise you to not work there on your days off. Singing in the park would be much more relaxing and people might throw money to you.
Or sketch, have you been drawing anything lately??
You are wonderful Jenni! Don't believe anyone who tells you different! M

melissa said...

Poor JOJO!!!! You should be getting your box any day so that should bring a smile to your face hopefully!

Amanda Lee said...

Someone needs to kick your boss person in the ass! That is totally uncalled for... yelling and belittling and making one cry. Jerk! Don't worry about them being asses at your work... just do the best you can and if it is going to cause too much stress then change jobs! If it gets to be really bad make sure you use some of your distress tolerance skills!!! And definately mindfulness! Those 2 helped me the most... where is your DBT? My DBT is in St. Paul... Later dear... hope things start to look up.

Anonymous said...

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