Friday, October 07, 2005

My Big Fat Greek Lip

So I'm at Jiffy Lube today waiting for my: oil change, radiator flush&fill, light bulb replacement, tire pressure check and interior vaccuum job, and I get bored so I start working on Inside Loops. I'm doing reps of 5, 10, whatever, going along, when one flies wild and sails right into my upper lip.

Like, OW.

Like, blood and a few tears.

Like I'd had collagen injected into a half-inch by half-inch spot.

Like Jenni stopped yo-yoing and sat down like a good Jiffy Lube customer.


Emily said...


So did anyone SEE you??????

Becky said...

poor jenni!!
Make up a good story so when people ask you don't have to say "I hit myself in the face with my yo-yo"

Jenni said...

no, no one was in the room with me. thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

yoyo's are dangerous, obviously!
Or is it Jenni's that are dangerous?

Anonymous said...

Battle wounds for a seasoned yo yo warrior - be proud. (I wish we had video however - I'm sure you can see the humor now that you can look back at the experience)


Emily said...

Video.... Hmmm... You've got an idea there, chica! :) hehe

Amanda Lee said...

haha that made me laugh so hard... not only because it is hilarious, but because I have also had similar accidents! haha
oh yo-yos!!!
I need to change me oil after I get gasoline next time...

melissa said...

poor Jo Jo! tell everyone that you were rescuing a small child from drowning and that in their panic they wacked their rescuer in the face.