Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Five Helpful Things to Know About Me.

1. I repeat myself.
2. You will find that sometimes I'll say the same thing over and over.
3. I might tell you the same story about five times without realizing I'm doing so.
4. My tendency is to be repetitive.
5. I forget the last one....um...oh yeah. I often repeat myself.


Francisco and Kristy said...

hehehehe you're adorable. I did get your msg, but as you can imagine there was a wonderful reason why my phone was off *wicked grin* And yes I will have to call and tell you about that adventure!

Emily said...

Kristy is just dirty. ;) hehehe

This is funny though!!

Anonymous said...

I love you Henni..you are so funny!!! - shoes on

Anonymous said...

That's funny Jenni! I have all of those same problems! and on top of that, Melissa always tells me that I'm saying something I've already said!

Robin said...