Monday, March 06, 2006


Okay, so I'm not a person who gets angry very often. I"m angry this morning, for 2 reasons.

First Reason: I turn on the pop music station on my way home from work this morning, and I hear the regular DJ calling a listener and posing as a Verizon Wireless employee, telling this customer they'd won a dozen long-stemmed roses to have sent to anywhere. So this lady picks a guy named Jason, with some lovey message. Then the OTHER DJ comes on and says , Sorry lady, this is a radio station, and we've got your boyfriend Brian on the line--" and Brian starts ripping into this get the picture. Ridiculous. Sure, she was cheating on her b/f, but to turn it into morning radio entertainment? This is no different than Ricki Lake or...I don't know. When did humiliating people become Makes me angry.

Second Reason: The neighbors in #104. The lady there screams at her kids when she's not hitting them. I've only heard the hitting once--I hear it again, she's getting reported--but this morning she was just going nuts. "You f****** b******, you disgust me! If I wanna hit you on the head, I'll hit you on the head!" and other hatred. I'm pretty sure her oldest is only ten or eleven. That makes me see RED. It's like, Gimme your kids, lady. You don't want 'em? I'll take them. No kid (or anyone for that matter) deserves that abuse. Ughgh.


melissa said...

I am so with you on the radio station thingy.

You know, you can report this lady still. Abuse is abuse whether it is physical or emotional. Try writing down the things she says and dating them as documentation so you have something to show. They can investigate it and scare the heck out of her if nothing else. Why wait till she hurts her children again?

Emily said...

Holy crap. The radio thing is just wrong. But that woman?? Much worse. I understand your grumpiness now. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree with Melissa. Though the reality is they will probably just make a note of your call if it only involves verbal abuse. It is very helpful if you know the mother's name, cause then they can check for previous reports on her and/or start a record under her name if she does not already have one.
I feel your anger!

Francisco and Kristy said...

Hey chica..I miss you and I need to call you... maybe I will tonight. But I'm actually glad you're wasn't too long ago you wouldn't have been. I'm proud of you for being so brave to feel such a strong emotion. AND I agree with you. Makes my heart hurt. Hope it gets better!
p.s. did NOT know you were on myspace :P ...

Anonymous said...

Wow...shaking head..what IS this world coming to?

Anonymous said...

I have a similar issue with the people below me...not quite as serious however. I think you should make a report since you can remain anonymous and keeping a record is not a bad idea at all. I have read the info about the process. I included the main link and some other info below. Something to think about.

We will be praying for those kids - Britt

Child Protection and Child Welfare

How do I Report Abuse or Neglect?
Call the county social service agency or the police where the child lives if you believe that a child is being hurt or neglected. Some people, whose jobs involve the care of children, such as doctors, teachers and ministers, are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect. Other people, such as neighbors or relatives are encouraged to also report if they think a child is being abused or neglected.