Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Pet Peeves:

-Water on the floor

-Being told what to do (I think this one's universal!)

-When someone talks to me in a fake baby voice

-A messy tube of toothpaste

-Waking up hot

-A toilet that needs to be cleaned name a few... :)

You know, a funnier list might be the things that DON'T bother me...


Emily said...

Fake voices... ugh. I agree.

One of mine is See-Food. Grosses me out. And bad drivers. And people who don't stop talking when they clearly should (oooh, do *I* ever fall into that category???)

melissa said...

Water on the floor... thats a biggie! I HATE mouth noises. Like when someone can't eat with their mouth shut or even when they do, you hear their teeth click. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

fake baby voices? how about fake people in general...ugh! you - shoes on!

Anonymous said...

How about mouth noises when they have their mouth shut but it is just something about how they chew that causes you to hear the food sloshing or scraping around inside their mouth. Yuck!!

melissa said...

Yes, M, I agree one hundred percent! wanted to say it but didn't know how to explain it.