Thursday, April 20, 2006

Things That DON'T Bother Me!

-kitty litter tracked on the floor

-having library fines (it was worth it!)

-spending three hours in front of the computer

-socks that go aBOVE my ankles

-watching documentaries

-waiting for someone who's late

-poop, puke, blood, hairy chunks from the drain (it's sick but what can I say? it doesn't bother me. Heck, I'd rather look at a pile of turds than a skinny blonde.)

-cat hair all over everything

-digging things out of the garbage

Okay, thats' my list. hopefully after you all read this I'll still have a few friends left. :-P


Emily said...

THREE things on your list don't bother me. The computer, documentaries (sometimes--depends on the subject), and the socks. I know your sisters read this... y'all are CRAZY. Don't worry, so is mine.

The rest of it... SO annoying! hehe

Anonymous said...

Things that don't bother me on yur list. Library fines(I always have some), socks above the ankles,and documentaries(some of them)the rest of your things are gross,and do bother me!!
You are one tough girl Jenni!!

melissa said...

Ha! Number 7 just cracked me up. I normally don't laugh out loud when I am reading something but we couldn't help but make an exception for that one!!

Ok, since the trend is to share our own stuff, here we go:
things that bother me from Jenni's list: hairy chunks from the drain(if its not mine), cat hair all over everything.

Becky said...

any kind of creature that doesn't have fur bothers me.

except for non-snapping turtles.

and you don't bother me.

not that i'm putting you the same category as a turtle.
i'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

ok the happy turds over a skinny blonde is hysterical...I love it! and you too - shoes on