Monday, August 28, 2006

Going to the State Fair

I'm going to the MN State Fair tonight! My friend Barb and I will be going together. She's going to meet me downtown around 4:30 this afternoon and we're taking the bus. Pretty cool, huh? I'm looking forward to bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies (SUPER popular chocolate chip cookie booth. They sell cookies and milk. you can get a cup full, a cone full, or a bucket full of small, soft chocolate chip cookies! you can also buy cold milk to go with them). I've also decided that this year I want to get a yardstick. I've always seen ppl carrying them around but I've never wanted one. I want a yardstick and bookmarks. I love free bookmarks. FUN FUN!!!!!!


Becky said...

fairs make me think of summer.
im glad b/c right now there is a tornado watch.
tornados do not make me think of summer.

Jenni said...

Yeah. No yardstick. They wanted THREE bucks for it! but I DID get a big $12 bucket of chocolate chip cookies, and that made it all worth it. Sweet Martha, rock on! And as far as my feet go, all the walking was great exercise but today my right knee HATES me!!!

Emily said...

you thought they were going to give it to you for FREE?! LOL

glad you had fun. cookies sound good - out here, the big deal is fair scones. YUMMMMMM!!!!! Ask Robin - they're SO good!