Friday, September 15, 2006

Grrr. Yesterday my car wouldn't start when I got off the bus and got in it to drive home. AND I'd forgotten my phone at home so I had to walk home to where my phone was so I could call and cancel my plans for the evening. AND my battery pack wouldn't work because (my dad thinks...I have no idea myself) the batter wire is loose on the positive side, and needs cleaned and tightened. But I have to get my car started to get it somewhere where it could be tightened! Frustrating. But I'm over it.

Yesterday was a pretty okay day overall. I had coffee with J.Kim and it was really calming to sit and chat with her. She and I always have good conversation.

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melissa said...

so what was wrong with the car? I thought it was only supposed to be better than the one you previously had.