Monday, September 18, 2006

Man. This weekend was long.

Friday: I went to church. The Gathering Place had a BAck to School Bash from seven until (I left at 12:30am) who knows when. It was a TON of fun. There were NCU graduates there I hadn't seen in a while. There were old GP attendees who hadn't been there in a long was fantastic to chat with folks I had--for all intents and purposes--lost track of. Socially exhausting, but great night.

Saturday: Well, Thursday my car battery died. I didn't know it was as simple as that though, because my battery pack failed to start it. (Turns out my battery pack was dead too.) So Saturday my friends Brittany and Marty came up (from Burnsville, 20+ miles south) with their three kids so Marty could work on my car and get it running. I was blown away that they would do that for me. It was easily the highlight of my weekend.

Sunday: Yesterday I was lazy. Lazy is nice. The best part of the day as a whole was going with my friend Laura to our friend Katie's house where she lives with her husband Josue (pronounced Ho-Sway') and their 7-month-old daughter Claire. I hadn't seen Claire since she was a fetus, so it was nice to meet face to face! The four of us (Sway was at work) had a good time laughing, talking and trading stories of what we'd been up to. I got to sleep a little late because when I got home I still tried to get a few things done and ended up going to bed after my bedtime. I"m paying for it today but I'm functioning.

I love my sisters!


Becky said...

i love MY sisters

Emily said...

Um, I love MY sisters.

melissa said...

wow, friends are absolutely wonderful....
but sisters are better.