Friday, September 22, 2006

Okay...I've forgotten most of my weeks so let's try to remember at least yesterday, since yesterday is easy. TWO good things happened to me yesterday. ;) First, I found a quicker route to my bus stop. That is to say that until yesterday i've been walking about five blocks out of my way every single day adn finally figured it out. My life just got simpler. ;) Secondly, yesterday was Anne, J.Kim and my monthly Yarn Party. We take turns hosting and yesterday was my turn. It was fun; I started working on my Half Double crochet stitch and it looks really nice. Not sure what I'll make with it yet but that's okay. It's great to have the information in my head. it's just...satisfying to know how to create something with your hands.

What's the best thing that happened to YOU yesterday???


Danica said...

hey girl, thanks for your comment on myspace. good to hear from you. how are things going with you? sounds like yesterday was at least a good day...that's good to know! anyway, talk to you later.

Becky said...

my yesterday was friday, so i would say it was taking an hour and half nap and hanging out with friends at a bonfire.

Emily said...

I'm posting this for today. My today was good because I saw my baby sister off to college. She's left the nest boys and girls.

I'm so proud of her.