Monday, September 25, 2006

So I had a decent weekend, what about you? Yesterday I had Mojarra for dinner with my friend Griselda and her family. Griselda and company are all from Mexico and are learning English (most of them are pretty good; several don’t speak much at all). I worked with Griselda at Boston Scientific and now we hang out probably once a month or so. Before going over to her house I’m always a bit nervous because inevitably I’m going to be alone in a room with one of the family members who speaks NO English, and sometimes that’s awkward for both of us (gosh, I feel awkward just writing about it!). I always learn something new, though (like, what mojarra is. You should google it.) and when I leave I feel proud of myself for having gone. It’s good stuff.

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Becky said...

no thanks. i'd rather not shave the scales off my dinner right before i eat it