Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Best Things

Okay, weekends my internet access is spotty, so I'll clump a few days together here.

The best thing that happened to me on Friday: I went to church on Friday night and got to spend three hours practicing my ASL...I am feeling increasingly comfortable using sign language after more than two years with almost no exposure. It felt great to enjoy this again!

Saturday's best thing: I cooked. LIke, on the oven, with pots. I even had a cutting board out! I made rice and sauteed an onion/tomato/basil mixture and mixed that into a bowl of hot rice...SO good. And I enjoyed the process, if you can believe that. ;)

Anybody have plans for Monday?


Emily said...

Friday... not sure... I put some of those stencil thingies on the wall in my bedroom. It's looking a little better - though not finished.

Saturday... Games at the Humes. And a good talking/crying session with Jann.

Today... I slept in till 11 - because I didn't get home till 2.

Becky said...

my favorite thing about today was that i got to talk to you!
on monday i plan on sleeping in and maybe making pancakes