Monday, September 11, 2006

Okay, let's play weekend catch-up.

Saturday wasn't my greatest day ever, but I did get to go on a nice long walk with J.Kim and that was fun. We walked on a paved trail that runs from the north metro all the way to downtown. There were many pretty sights along the way; HUGE sunflowers, ferns, athletic people leaving us in the dust, and an occasional train to the left.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a good day overall. The best thing that happened to me was...hmm...I'd have to say hanging out with my friends Robin (also my roomie) and Danielle at Danielle's place. I haven't caught up w/ Danielle recently so that was handy. After that, Robin and I went to Arby's and got the 5-for-5.95 deal for dinner. Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

For the last 4 nights we've been counting to ten and with each number we name someone we LOVE. For each number Mazen gets to pick someone to name so we say, "I love ______ one," and so on. Every night when Mazen gets to 6 she says "I love Jenni, six!!!!" with an emphasis on each syllable. She misses you! We miss you! Love you and thinking of yoU!