Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So, (chuckle) yesterday I opened this sample package I had received in the mail from Always (you know, they sell pads and stuff). Always is currently running a campaign entitled Have a Happy Period, and there was a period FAQ on the packaging . I liked it. Here it is:

Q: Happy? on my period? what's up with that?
A: Always makes an outstanding line of protection to help keep you dry, comfy, and less CRABBY.

Q: what if I like being crabby?
A: That's ok too. But if your clasws are out, you might as well paint them. Have a manicure. Go to the mall and buy something you don't need. And remember -- somewhere in that very mall, there's bound to be an entire store full of chocolate.

Q: why do I crave chocolate on my period?
A: Indulge first. Ask questions later.



Anonymous said...

Very cute! That was actually on the package??

How is your job going?


Emily said...

This is the time of the month that chocolate was created for. When the gym will get along just fine without you.

I love that they recognize that having a period sucks. ;)