Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wow, yesterday at work was really busy. I had to hurry just to get out of there on time. Because of that I didn't post.

The best thing that happened to me on Monday was that I got to hang out with my friends Laura and Francis for the whole second half of the day. We cooked dinner (had chicken tostadas) and watched Inside Man. It was pretty great to spend time with them just doing whatever we felt like doing. And we needed to catch up anyway. ;)

Yesterday I had a rewarding yo-yo day. I have been learning this new trick called (don't laugh) Boingy-boing (I said dont' laugh!) and i'm starting to get it down. That and Zipper. It was pretty good. I got to bed at a decent time which is also gratifying, but still couldn't get up to my alarm this morning. Oh well.


Becky said...

im sorry. i laughed.

how can you not?!

Anonymous said...

Well it is a funny name!
Congrats on the trick Jenni, some day I expect to see a video of you on the internet doing cool tricks.

And Miss Becky, Why do you never post? I knoow you are on the internet all the time so you have no excuse!!