Friday, May 18, 2007

Ode to Oatmeal

I love warm oatmeal. One time I heard someone mention oatmeal and I got teary-eyed. To me, warm oatmeal is a hug from your grandma. It is safety and warmth and love.

Right now I am eating oatmeal that is Apples & Cinnamon flavored. I can only eat one packet of this at a time because it is so sweet. My favorite is to get the Fruit & Cream variety pack, and then mix and match the flavors. I can handle two packets of that kind. Maybe I could get one box of the Regular flavor, and one of the Fruit and Cream, and then put one of each together to make it last longer, the way you might add water to a little kid's juice.

I remember my mom (or maybe it was my dad, idr) making oatmeal for us when we were little. There'd be a big pot of regular oatmeal (or cream of wheat if we were lucky) and we would add milk, brown sugar and sometimes toast. It rocked.

Last Sunday after I ran that 5K we went out to breakfast, Todd and I. I ordered buttered toast with jelly, and oatmeal. The toast, however, turned out to be rye, and I learned that putting rye toast in your oatmeal does not evoke the same warm pleasant memories that regular wheat toast does.

The End.


Emily said...

You are so strange.

Love ya.

Matt said...

Wow! Never tried toast in my oatmeal. Sounds interesting... O.o

Emily said...

the reason you don't have comments is because you haven't posted a new post. uh huh.

Emily said...

and now you HAVE to check out my blog. :):)

Emily said...

your ode is grossing me out. you need a new post.