Sunday, July 01, 2007

Favorite Things: My Favorite Kitty

Name: Jada, Schmaydakins

DOB: July 2000

Personality: Bratty. Socially needy. Uptight. Cuddly. Passive.

Favorite Pastime: Lounging around in the backyard.
My Favorite Part of Her: Her snout. It's so detailed and cute!


Matt said...

Haha...she has that cat annoyed/confused/sleepy look on her face :D You know...the what the heck is that thing you just shoved in my face to disturb my sleep look. haha

Emily said...

JADA! :)

Hi kitty kitty.

melanie said...

Hi Jen! How are you today? I like the pic of your kit. Hope you are well love. Melanie

Katie said...

J, I love that pic. She sorta kinda looks like my poor cat that I miss and wish I had with me!!! I think I'm gonna take a good pic of my cat and post it too! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenni,
Your cat is a cutie.