Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am looking forward to:

  1. Seeing my family on Saturday night (well, whoever's still awake when I actually pull in.)
  2. Giving away the Christmas presents I bought.
  3. The drive to Ohio. Excellent alone time.
  4. Art Party tonight. Jennifer, J.Kim and
  5. Yo-Yo Day tomorrow
  6. a white Christmas (keep your collective fingers crossed! In OH, it's not a given.)
  7. wrapping Christmas presents tonight (for ppl I'll be giving to before I leave)
  8. A week off of work. Paid.


Emily said...

A white Christmas? We'll have a WET Christmas.

One year it snowed (nasty mushy snow, but SNOW) on Christmas Eve. But that was in the morning. by about 11:00 it had turned to rain.

Emily said...

HAHA! And THIS year we had our first WHITE CHRISTMAS in DECADES!!! :)