Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yeah yeah, so I'm no good at posting. I know.

I taught Children's Church today at PVDA (lovingly known as Pivdah)...had six kids. Luckily they were all hearing, which makes the dynamic SOOOOOOO much simpler. If they were adults and could sit still and were all potty-trained and could talk, I might not mind so much the mixed group. But when you mix in all those other factors, it's just nice to know everyone knows the same language.

It went okay. I'm not a good teacher. I love kids, and they seem to get that, and trust and listen to me (even the naughty ones who dont' often obey). I'm proud of that. But ask me to put together a lesson they'll pay attention to and remember, and all that confidence goes down the drain. When it's time to prepare for my teaching day, I just freeze up. What that translates to is that the last two times I've taught CC, we've done little or no lesson, and just spent a bunch of time playing. Today I brought yo-yos to give to everyone, and we learned some useful yo-yo rules (such as, do not swing it around like it's a rock, or there will be trouble). Then we went outside and played tag. We spent a little bit of time coloring, but that was unplanned, and just a filler.

Did I enjoy it? Most of it, yeah. It felt good when the one girl who tends to have an I'm-not-going-to-listen-to-you effect on whoever she's with stopped ignoring me and starting participating. But it felt crappy when Max said, "So, are we going to do some activities or something"? It's like, I KNOW I suck. I'm sorry.

So, whatever. At least i have two weeks before I teach again.

Okay...see you...whenever I post next!!! ;P


Emily said...

So maybe those activities that you do can have a lesson IN them. So that they're not sitting there listening to you, but... like... instead of just tag, make it tag where they have to name a bible character and what they did or something. and use the yo-yos to teach biblical truths. you could od it.

Kristy said...

Kids are harsh huh!! hehe they're honest too.
If you ever need ideas call me! :)