Monday, September 13, 2010

So much uncertainty,

There is so much instability in my life right now. That's really hard for me.

This move has come at a time when my finances are tighter than ever. I am living paycheck to paycheck, and not quite making ends meet. Ever bad at getting timecards in on time, I have gone three weeks without a paycheck, and that is BAD. (No, you do not need to send money, I am going to make it lol).

I'm moving in about 4 weeks, and that is scary. I think I cried...twice(?) yesterday about it. I am super-excited to be in Ohio near my family though, and that keeps me going. But I am continually heartbroken at the thought of the people and places I'm leaving behind.

Avery and Xavier.
Brittany and Marty.
Tyler, Brandon and Abby.
Steve and Barb.
J.Kim, Teddy, Jampa and Pema.
Anne, Hannah, Abby, Brier and Claire.
Srikar and Shilpa.
JoAnn and Rod.
Francis and Laura.
Dr. Schmitt.
Bridgett and Ann.
Steve Oglesbee
Pleasant View Deaf Assembly.
Richard Herod.
Hudson, Steve's guide dog.
my SSP clients.
friends and co-workers at DeafBlind Services MN
I'll even miss North Central, the reason I came to MN in the first place.

I'll miss knowing where everything is, and hearing five different languages in every aisle of the grocery store. I'll miss the Mall of America, even though I never went there! I will miss the incredible public transportation system, and Minneapolis' commitment to bicyclists and fitness in general. I'll miss the parks and lakes and huge honkin' squirrels. I will miss the Spoon & Cherry.

This place has been significant because of the life I have lived here and all I've learned. Because I became an adult here and now I'm leaving to go back to a place I left when I was 18. I am scared, and that is just how it is.


Evie said...

you will be deeply missed in minnesota. Always welcome back!

Emily said...

You made ME miss Minnesota.

But you know what? You aren't going to be forgotten there, either.