Thursday, September 23, 2004

Big Walking Penises

So today i turned in my two-week notice at work. (Whoopee!!!!) Stated simply, I got tired of being asked out by coworkers, and my job became a stressful environment. TOO MANY AFRICAN MEN WHO WOULDN'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!!!!!!! Is it possible that I am the last person on the planet who wants someone i can be friends with before everything takes on a double meaning?? It's like 'hanging out' means 'I'm in love with you'. Argh. Battin' a thousand when it comes to men. The straw that broke the camel's back was a stupid slip on my part. When I said, 'yeah we could hang out sometime', he heard 'Yes, I will be your girlfriend'. thing I know, he's calling me, and leaves a message ending with "I love you, Jennifer" (Stops and rips hair out) AAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!


Kristy said...

ooooo let me rip em apart! It's a cultural thing I think...I've run into that problem before too. STUPID PENIS HEADS! Grrrrrr

JV said...

Wait, did I miss something in that post or are you asking me out?


Sucks about ending a job though.

Becky said...

jenni, boys are dumb. they cant take hints b/c they think they dont think with their brains. what about the other job?

word to your mother said...

You know, it's because you are sooooo beautiful and irresistable that all the men want to jump your bones!!!!