Monday, September 27, 2004

The Challenge of a Lifetime

Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.
Walter Anderson

So I've dedicated this blog not just to me and my life, but to the distillation of the things I see and hear and think and participate in each day.

You can be brutally honest, and you can just be brutal. Thank goodness my specialty in gymnastics was the balace beam.

You can be honest, but sometimes you don't owe someone ALL the details. Honesty +Prudence/Discretion...again, balance beam skills coming in handy here.

Being honest makes you to attack that may HURT. Honesty requires inner resources of strength and belief in your values. For some, (read me) it requires--mmm, how to say--a source of comfort when things don't go as planned. A support, a backer. There are those who can go it alone, and then there's me. ;)

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JV said...

Oh man... well if we are going to be honest...[deep breath]
Today at work I did the worst thing since working there for a year. I thought I could take a risk, be chancy and improve my life, you know like Walter Anderson said. But instead it all backfired. In search of corporate glory I attempted to use the company's lightweight shredder (not the business type, the $34.99 type, boss is cheap) to shred not 7 but 12(!) pieces of paper. The shredder will never be the same. Feable attempts were made to unjam it but I think it's a loss. I hope I have a job tomorrow... at least I'm being brutally honest. I hope that Anderson guy appreciates it.

Anyway, thanks for checkin my blog. Hope that tomato soup bath is going well. Also, you should definately read the updated laws in regards to Minnesota, especially if you are trying to be an honest citizen.

- JohnBy the way, I heard this public service announcement on a Minnesota public access channel:
"Remember, tormenting skunks is ok in Wisconsin but a serious felony in Minnesota."