Monday, September 27, 2004

So Many Changes

So now I have an interview at ACR Homes on Wed!!! Yay!!!!!! I would really like to work there and almost anything is better than washing dishes. Well, yeah, ALMOST anything. I can think of several things I'd consider to be worse jobs, but there are definitely better ones out there and Good Jobs, here I come!!! At ACR, the position I want is an awake nights position, and I think 3rd shift would really work for me. I just like being up at night. And given my great sleeping history, it'd probably not be a problem. :-s

I decided my last day at DBT will be October 28th (it's a Thursday). i do view graduation with mixed feelings but I think i'll be okay, I really do. I'll be in the after-care group once a week so that's cool. I'll miss the people I've come to rely on each day, yet that'll be okay too. My world will expand. Things change and still we deal.

Ouch. One of the cats I'm catsitting for a few weeks just bit me. he's old and I was trying to brush him. Fine, I'll just let him shed all over everything and see how he likes THAT!!! (yeah right)

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Emily said...


Of course that's the day I get to see STEVEN from ROW 10, too! :) I'll remember it! :) What else was I going to say? OH! yeah, I don't know many cats that like to be brushed. FYI. All three of mine would bite you if you did that.