Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm on a Different Planet Here.

Ok guys, WA is amAZING!!!!! Here are the things I've seen for the first time EVER since getting here:

-Las Vegas (well, the LV airport anyway, and the view from the plane)
-Mt. Ranier (I CLIMBED it almost halfway! So yes, Robin, it DOES exist.)
-Mt. Baker (from far away)
-Mt. Adams (ditto)
-the Space Needle (not only did I get to ride to the top, I got to EAT at the rotating restaurant in it! It was unbelievable!!!!! I tasted wasabi for the first time (if you've never had wasabi, work it into your To Do list) and saw someone get engaged while I was there.)
-Emily's sister Gentry, who is so fun!
-a llama up close. I fed one and then watched while three of them chased each other around the yard!
-pine trees whose trunks go up fifteen feet before any branches actually start
-HUGE pine trees, trees of proportions I've never seen.
-I was threatened yesterday morning coming out the front door of Emily's house by a huge BROWN 4-inch long SLUG. I have never seen a slug this big.

And tonight I will see the Pacific Ocean: Emily and I and her mom and Bob are going to the ocean for the weekend, and coming back Sunday morning for church. I'll make sure to get pictures! I'll be home Monday morning around 6am... Yay for the west coast!


Kristy said...

My precious friend. I miss you terribly, and I wish I could have been there for all those firsts, but know that while you describe them I see them in my imagination...and remember that they are amazing! Although, *wink* I bilieve you have done many firsts that I have never done! LUCKY!!
Look for my blog's gonna be a good one! (Hopefully today..or tomarrow)

Becky said...

well I didnt know you went to WA. I love the way you describe things! I miss you and love you Jenni!!

Emily said...

Hey yo - there's a few pics posted on my blog. and at flikr...
That has more than my blog. Luv ya.