Thursday, October 07, 2004

Big Walking Penises II

I am getting sick of my guy issues. Currently we have a substitute DBT leader while the regular group facilitator is on vacation and for some reason I cannot tolerate the man. He's a thirty-something, stocky build, wears jeans and tee or casual button-up most days, and has those chunky black glasses some people wear. The dress doesn't really match his age, and makes him seem much younger (which I'm sure is his goal). Nothing overtly offensive so far except that I am rarely (read never) comfortable being open with guys my age who I have not known more than 1 year. He is poster-child material for the I-Don't-Know-You-Get-Away-From-Me category, and here he is trying to play therapist. NOT happening. I have a really hard time talking about anything REAL when he's the one on the receiving end. What's more, he's the group leader for the AfterCare group, which is the group I'll be graduating into in about 3 weeks. It meets one day a week instead of the three-day-a-week program I'm in now. (ie, soon he'll be the only one I see!)

I guess I just have to get used to him, but...he scares me. Maybe he won't always scare me. But for now...get away!

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