Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Complaint Hotline

Okay, having major issues with getting a picture on this thing. Any wisdom anyone? I downloaded Hello, and 'sent' myself a picture, but still nothing. Annoying.

Weather is weird today. Too warm for a hoodie, not warm enough for a t-shirt, and I don't have any long sleeve shirts that don't make me look like a balloon. They're all HUGE on me, from the bygone days when baggy was IN.

Okay, I'm taking my crabby self and leaving the library and going home.


word to your mother said...

poor jenni! I have some long sleeved t's if you want some just let me know and I will mail them to you. I love you!

Becky said...

poor grumpy jenni ;)

Clare said...

I managed to get a picture on my blog when I used Hello to send it to BloggerBot and then clicked Publish in the lower right corner of the window. It showed up in a post on my blog. I right-clicked it, then clicked Properties, to get the URL, and then pasted that into the Profile thingy to get my photo to show up in my Profile. Then I deleted the post the photo was in, because it seemed kind of redundant at that point. At least, I think that's how I did it; it was kind of complicated and I just kept trying different things until something worked. It was getting a little frustrating by then.

(I came here by way of seeing your comments at The Anchoress.) :)