Sunday, November 28, 2004

Well, Thanksgiving is officially over. I'm still in Ohio visiting; I'll get on the bus for Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon. Anyone with text messaging capabilities...I'll be bored!!! All around me here in Ohio, Christmas trees are going up, multicolored lights everywhere you look. I'm going around and asking everyone, "What do you want for Christmas this year that doesn't cost anything"? :)

Thanksgiving was pretty good this year; we spent yesterday at my grandparents' house. There were...hmm...let me see: Diana and Steve and their seven kids (including three spouses, one girlfriend and one great-granddaughter), Carl and his two kids and his girlfriend, our family (my folks, all eight of the kids and two boyfriends), Melanie and David and their two, and Sylvia and her two. Count my grandparents in and that's thirty-nine people. And we were actually missing ten people. Hehe...turkey, anyone?

Thanksgiving on my dad's side was much smaller and we actually held it a month ago because my dad's folks are snowbirds and they were flying south for the winter. But---I would say that my dad's side of the family is currently in...mmm, crisis. So numbers are down. But we did have a great time! What did you do??

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Emily said...

Me? Just dinner with mom and bob. Mom's actually boiling the carcass right now (gotta love that word... carcass!). It smells so good. Then we're going to have turkey soup. :)