Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Questions I Ask When No One's Looking

Am I on the right path?
I'm getting healthier, but am I also more selfish now?
Is it "bad" to have candy hearts for breakfast?
Will I ever be on my feet financially?
What is the line between relating to people and remaining different from them?
If I stopped taking my medicine would I be just as depressed as before?
If I would, then what was DBT and all that therapy for?
If I woudn't, then why am I still taking it?
Why would I have to wash my hair every 12 hours for it stay looking clean? (i don't do this)
Have I already met my future husband, and just don't know it yet?
Will I ever enjoy church (other than its social aspect)?
Do people secretly hate me?
Will I be a good mom, considering my past? A good wife? Who would have me?
Do I have a good butt?

Okay, fyi to anyone reading this, I"m not really looking for reassurance of any kind, just feeling contemplative....


Becky said...

hhmmm, maybe i should make a contemplative list myself...yours was a good one

Emily said...

Maybe... but in a good way.
Very. (But do it anyway.)
Most likely.
Good question... Love. Loving them. Despite the differences--you just love them anyway. They'll see that.
No. But it helps.
It got you where you are now--in a much better place.
Because you're afraid that you would... and the doctor never said to stop... and then you'd NEVER sleep!
Because your hair gets nasty after 12 hours (duh! :))
I'm not answering this one (but MY question is the same! LOL).
YES. THIS one I HAVE to believe.
Nope. Everyone generally likes you a lot!
Yes and Yes. God is going to bless those relationships. And look 3 questions up.
I am SO not answering that. :-D

You SO have to love me! :) hehe

melissa said...

about the meds... I hate taking medicine, but I have found that I would rather take some stupid pill then feel absolutely misersable. There is a difference between being selfish and respecting yourself and making boundaries for yourself. Hey, my hair looks dirty after 7 hours so be grateful!! Do you secretly hate other people?


P.S. I love you!

Dad said...

I love you no matter what!!