Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Crazy week

My work week is kind of backwards...it goes from Thursday to Sunday, so everyone else's weekend is my week. ANYway. On Saturday afternoon I got a call from my supervisor and he told me the guard who was to work Sunday morning (and relieve ME) was sick and would I be able to work later, say, the first half of her shift if he could find someone to come in for the second half? I thought about it and decided that would work fine for me. So now I'm scheduled to work 12 hours instead of 8. 10pm to 10am. Cool.

That night at 10 I show up at work, I work my eight hours and then I start her shift. no biggie. Four hours comes and goes, and no one else comes in!!! The guy who was supposed to work the second part of her shift didn't call or show up---I"m stuck! They ended up calling another guard in, but it took him over an hour to get in once they DID get a hold of him. anyway, I ended up working fourteen hours and getting off of work on sunday at noon. Went straight home cuz I had to be back at work at ten that night! yesterday morning when I got off work I was SORE. Still am, minorly. Twenty hours of walking kinda tired me out, to say the least. It's my weekend now and I'm going to clean my room today because it needs to vaccuumed and the only way to do that, obviously, is to get the crap off the floor.

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melissa said...

POOR JENNI!!!!! But don't you feel a little bit secretly proud of yourself for working so hard?? That is a good feeling.