Monday, March 21, 2005


We are having issues.

So I get this new job, you know, the Now Jenni Works With a Bunch of Guys job. And at first my fear is that they will reject me because I'm a female in a 'man's' job. That doesn't happen, thank goodness. What IS happening, unfortunately, is that (and I'm not sure why I didn't predict this with my eyes closed) they can't figure out that I have a brain and personality behind my body!

I'm not sure where I want to draw the line. It is nice to be deferred to sometimes because I'm a girl, and then it gets to the point where any time I walk into a room, every person in the room watches me. The whole room will go quiet and everyone will listen if ONE PERSON greets me. I feel like a walking billboard that says 'Boobs, Curves and Butt Coming Your Way!!!!' Maybe I SHOULD wear a burka.

Is it unfair to them to want gentlemanly respect but not open staring? Maybe I just ought to start wearing a coat over my uniform to mask myself a little. I've noticed other guards do that but I never have.


Anonymous said...

Are they really openly staring at your boobs and butt??
Maybe they think you are intelligent AND beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You are intelligent, beautiful and Mazenly graceful too.

Emily said...

Agreed ^, but... It's uncomfortable for YOU more than it is for them. :( Sometimes don't you just want to smack them upside the head and shout "GET A CLUE, BUDDY!!!"? I think part of it is that a lot of guys we (at least *I*) hang around AREN'T like that... one friend changes the chanel to not watch Victoria's Secret and Pamela Anderson commercials. I respect him incredibly for that... These guys are they opposite... they are very far into the world where boobs and butts and curves are symbols. Symbols of... societal perfectness?? I don't know.

Anyway, I'm rambling. You'll get this, I know you will. And hey--you're getting in shape from the job... THAT'S a good thing :)
Love you!

imshallah said...

Under federal law, sexual harrassment and discrimination in the workplace is unlawful and not tolerated.

First off, do you you have a supervisor to whom you can report this behavior? Normally this would be the initial stage of a complaint. If you have reported it, and the issue is not addressed satisfactorily, you have several options.

You could continue to work through the system (I assume your employer has an HR department), and suffer while the process moves slowly on.

You could contact a local chapter of the ACLU for advice and support, although it has severe limitations on what it can provide.

Finally, you could seek out a local lawyer specializing in such cases. Normally, the initial consultation is free, and oftimes, if the attorney feels that the case is good, he/she will represent you on a contigency basis (no fee paid by you until settlement is reached).

Whatever you do, do not suffer in silence; nor should you quit your job without a fight. Everyone in this nation has a right to work in an environment which is free of fear & discrimination.

I hope this helps. God bless.

word to your mother said...

first off, this is normal stuff... coming from a female in a "male's job". When you walk into a room, what I have found the best thing to do is just to focus on whatever you walked into the room for, whether to talk to someone or to get something, second, haha, sit down. If you do that, they can't look at your butt and that definitley helps them to start looking at something besides you. If you ignore it, they will almost always get tired of looking at you eventually. Besides, you can't help it that you are beautiful!!!

melissa said...

hahah, legal advice makes me laugh.

You are beautiful in more than one way,and hopefully once you say, "Um,do you need something?" after a few times, they wil get the hint.