Wednesday, March 30, 2005

People, my body wash smells like fishing tackle. I cannot begin to tell you how gross that is. Supposedly, the scent is Milk and Honey, but UGH! Luckily, it's almost gone.


Anonymous said...

You know you don't have to use it Jen. Throw the rest away and if you have no soap, go to the nearest hotel in the morning, wander around the halls until you find one of those carts the cleaners use and pick up some soap. Better yet, just walk up to the front desk and tell them you are out of soap and can you get some. Easy!

melissa said...

thats not so sould remind you of daddy or the vacations we used to take... sniiiiiffffff...aaaaahhhhhhh

Becky said...

or an even better idea!
Buy different soap! I hear its really expensive though. Like a $1

Anonymous said...

Is it suave?! Cuz I have the shampoo..not my favorite either..but they were out of the kind I wanted!