Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I'm home now from Ohio; it was so great to be there! My flight back was fine, everything went smoothly. My kitty missed me and there has been lots of lovin' since i got back. She is also very overdue to be brushed...everything I've got on when I'm holding her ends up looking LIKE her. Furry. My room, however, did not clean itself while I was gone and I am disappointed about that. Otherwise, no major catastrophes recently.

In the styles of my sisters Becky and Melissa:

I need my room to clean itself and stay clean.

I have no boyfriend.

I have an apartment to move into on May 1st!

I need to take a shower but dont' want to.

I miss my sisters already.

My toenails have torn holes in almost every pair of socks I've got.

I like my new haircut!

I wish I could combine Ohio and Minnesota.

I do not enjoy growing old while I wait for dial-up internet to think about things.


Kristy said...

Ohhh my precious friend...I miss you!
I so know what you mean about your comments and stuff. What does your hair look like? I have an apartment too! We need to talk..ya?

Anonymous said...

I got your number and message...i'll try and call you tomorrow sometime? Is that okay? love ya Henni!