Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Okay, so I was at the blog of my sister's boyfriend Kyle, and his post really made me think. I use my time as MY resource, MY bank account of minutes...I never thought of using it as GOD'S resource...I wonder what would change if I did...

Right before that I was at Kristy's sister's site, and got another dose of wisdom there. What is the difference between living for God and living the way other people expect us to live for God?

I want to be humble enough to hear God tell me to change, and wise enough to listen.


Anonymous said...

I had so much fun talking to you..I miss you so much Henni..and I love you..we need to talk again soon - shoes -on :0)

Kristy said...

JEEEEEENNNNNNIIIIII!!!!!!!!! I miss you...oh and guess what?? I miss you a ton and half. OH?!?! And guess what else?! I love you..haha bet you thought I was gonna type I miss you again! thhpppt
Okay so, I'm so happy you read my sister's's sooo good. AND I miss you.
AND I just re-read one of your titles to an older blog the "Boys are weird. Girls are Weird. Boy and Girls are Weird" one, where did you get that quote? Didn't I say that?? I think I did...or someone we know did.
Okay so you need to fly out here so you can meet my soulmate okay? Cuz seriously I need your approval ;) hehehe Actually he's sitting right next to me as I type this...hahaha and reading as I type AND correcting me. Gotta love him!
Call me!!! Pwwwweassse!