Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wow, these past three days have been incredibly busy. Here it is Wednesday afternoon, and I have not been home since Monday evening because it simply was not time-efficient to do so. I have DBT in an hour, and after that I will go home, thankfully, to pack and sleep (and SHOWER) because I work tonight and then go directly to the airport from there. I'm going to OHIO!!!!!!!!!!! My great-grandma is turning 90 and there is a big to-do, like for 2 days there will be things going on, and I'm going home for that. I haven't been home since Christmas and it will be really REALLY good to see my family and hang out with them. I'm especially excited to see my sisters--we will all be home from college for the weekend (we cover three different states between the four of us!) They have been on my mind a bunch lately and I am looking forward to actually physically seeing them in person! (Lengthy dream I had last night didn't count).

I will miss my kitty, and I know that she will miss her mama. I think I will spoil her tonight.


melissa said...

you must share this dream of yours.

Jenni, I am so excited to be seeing you! It has been way too long since you have been home!

Anonymous said...

Jenni I just wanted to say that I am sorry that I don't get to see you this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful time with that wonderful family of yours. I really hope to see you this summer. -Kyle