Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Gathering Place

Okay, a shameless plug for my church. Currently I'm a member of Pleasant View Deaf Assembly and given my night job, it is nearly impossible (read IS impossible) for me to get myself out of bed for Sunday AM services. SO. I have been attending a Friday night church called The Gathering Place. It's a new kind of church. When I say that, I mean that it's not a sit-in-pews and wear dress-up clothes and the contest is to be the most perfect person. I mean, I wear jeans or whatever I feel like wearing, we sit in the living room of the house of my friends the Garrett family (Michael and Barbara and Mazen: They're amazing people whom I cherish!) with about a dozen other people and we talk about real-life stuff and what someone who follows Jesus can do in response and remain in line with scripture. We avoid 'Christian-ese'. We want to be a group that, say, a Hindu or an atheist could join and not feel judged or 'not good enough'.

Anyway, I love it there. I love being able to join in or NOT join in with whatever discussion or music is being held at the moment, without getting Don't you love Jesus???! looks from anyone. I can be grumpy or quiet or whatever. no one has to be fake or even agree with what other people are saying in order to be accepted into the group.

Sound progressive? It is. Sound freeing? You wouldn't believe just how great it feels. It's like 'this is how church was meant to look and feel. I think Jesus comes...and I don't even have to suck up to him.


Anonymous said...

It's sounds like a lovely place to grow, and feel loved and accepted, and feel free to share. I'm betting Jesus is there. And God and the Holy Spirit. Wow What a group!

Kristy said...

Please please please can I come??? I ache to go back to MN and join that church and help them out. That sounds like a place I could actually make a difference in. Maybe I'll get some good practice here....and then go out there and change the world. Wonder what Francisco would think about that.