Monday, May 23, 2005

HB Foundation Global Chess Challenge

Work has been interesting these last five days or so...there has been an international chess tournament going on each day, and in our exhibit hall C, there were hundreds of tables set up with a couple thousand chess boards. It was a SEA of black and white. Very cool. Click on the title link to see the Star Tribune's web article on it! It all ended today (well, Sunday night on the solar calendar) and as the tournament staff was tearing down and putting away all the chess boards and pieces, the guy in charge of the whole shebang offered me a chess set, and when I told him my brother played he gave me another and I ended up walking out of there with three! Am excited to play against myself (I always win!)

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Anonymous said...

That was a mazenly gateful thing for them to do. Luv ya lots, plus one!!!!!!!!!