Thursday, May 19, 2005

Long Time No Jenni

Sorry, I know I have disappeared from here and my phone and e-mailing and pretty much everything---life is interrupting!!!! :)

Been pretty busy (HA, working like 50 hours this week counts, doesn't it?) and just wearing a path between my bed and the front door. You know the drill: no dirty laundry because all I've been wearing is pj's and work clothes, my diet consists of a bowl of cereal after work and a frozen dinner during my lunch break...occasionally if I have a few extra minutes I'll slap together a pb&j sandwich as I run out the door at night. Snazzy huh? Lol, cuts down on dishes at least.

It's looking like this week'll be a repeat of last week, then it will cool down for a bit--thank goodness!

Anyway, I generally CHECK my e-mail to see if everyone I know is still alive, and may shoot off a short reply if you e-mail me...hopefully I will be fully communicational within a week or so!

Much love!


Emily said...

50 hours is quite a bit of work. :) But - think of your paycheck for hte next two weekS! :) That's happier! :)

Anonymous said...

Call me sometime Jen

Jenni said...

I would love to call you if I knew who you were!!