Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nosy, nosy, nosy

This morning I heard on the radio a traffic report which included a minor accident on a local northbound highway with one vehicle in the ditch. Not long later I heard that the accident had cleared but that southbound traffic was quite clogged as a result of this accident. Southbound? I thought, why southbound? Sensing my confusion, the dj went on to explain that due to excessive rubbernecking, there was significant backup on that side of the highway.

It occurred to me: what would the world be like if everyone minded his or her own business?

I do believe it would be the end of modern civilization. Gone would be the judge shows and the soap operas, gone would be every glossy magazine with an airbrushed female smeared across the cover like some delicious treat. Gone would be most advertising, cuz if we don't care what Mike wears on his feet, then he's out of a job. Morning and evening news would be pretty much obliterated, because half of it is completely unnecessary information and the other half is mind-numbing repetition that we repeat knowingly to each other, as though we had an inside scoop.

If we were left with only our own lives to deal with, I believe we would all still find ourselves busy. And surprised, I think, to find that breathing is possible even if you aren't in on every detail of the lives of people you don't even know. heck, we'd even have to find something else to talk about at the water cooler than whatever is going on with this or that coworker, and what we think they should do about it.

Not that this will happen. But southbound traffic would have been smoother this morning if it had.


melissa said...

how exciting is one vehicle in the ditch?!? And i am guessing it wasn't even mangled

Emily said...

You should write an article for Readers Digest. Seriously. Between this and the saga of the dirty dishes (think NCU)... you seriously crack me up. And tell it straight.

You're right, you know. Completely right. And why do we live our lives to please others, anyway? Oh, sorry, you weren't talking about that one. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Emily is right Jen You should write for magazines and such. Send it in and I bet they will pay you!! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

You said rubbernecking...that cracked me you Henni!

oh and isn't it funny how much we've changed since we've known each least fashion wise!? i'm a prep..who woulda thought?! Shoe-on the prep!