Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Aahhh, my weekend.

I have tonight and tomorrow night off...yay!!! I'm going to be unpacking (yes, still; and I know I should be done by now but I'm not, so there.) and probably going to bed early as i slept only 1.5 hours this morning before taking off for my chiropractor appointment (The Illustrious Dr. Karlynn Benson of Skyline Chiropractic (thusly named because from the window you can see the postage-stamp sized Minneapolis skyline)) and DBT. jsut got out of DBt and will go home soon...thank goodness! i like being at home. Home means my kitty and my roomy and my neice, Digeri (she's an Australian Cattledog). We are a good family.


melissa said...

Thanks for your comment Jenni, it made me feel so loved. Get more sleep young lady!!!!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

You are a good family! Everyone should be so lucky!