Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

This past Sunday I celebrated my 24th birthday and it was excellent! Even though I worked both Saturday night and Sunday night and therefore couldn't really go OUT and celebrate, I still celebrated AT work and am so grateful for my amazing coworkers. I got several cards, a box of chocolates and come cash...along with lots of 'happy birthday's'. And my ROOMMATE is so amazing, she gave me presents every day starting before my birthday, but made me work for them (she hid them and made puzzles I had to solve in order to find out where they were!) and then Sunday morning when I got home from work she had decorated the whole apartment with decorations my family had sent and she made a cake and everything! Robin, you are wonderful and if I could make up a wonderful roommate in my imagination, it would be you.

My family sent me a Birthday Party in a know, balloons, streamers, a banner, a cake mix and icing...and wrapped presents! It was so fun and THANK YOU, family for all the wonderful gifts! I'm wearing my bracelet now.

That isn't even everything...but I am SO blessed to be surrounded with people who care, and to be 24! it's a year that's full of promise.


Emily said...

I SO wish I was there to celebrate with you! :) But I'm still paying off your 23rd! LOL hehe WAHOO Space Needle! :)

I'm excited to send you your birthday present. It's completely impractical. :) I think you'll love it. If you don't like it you must send it back. I might use it before you get it. Actually, that would be a good idea... :) hehehe

Emily said...

BTW - your pic isn't showing.

Anonymous said...

pictures please!!

melissa said...

OOOHHH! I miss you Jenni! Your present should be coming soon!

Kristy said...

Hey hottie...I'm so friggen excited for you! And shocked...I wish so much that I could be there. It breaks my heart that we are so far away and I can't be there to be with you things as they happen. I love you a lot!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Henni! love you - shoes on :0)

johno said...

Happy birthday, found your blog in the Courage to heal.
Sounds like you had a great time

Amanda said...

glad it was good! yay for presents!