Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Life's been pretty insane lately, so I haven't been around. I have DBT today, in about an hour, then I'm hanging out with a friend...I like that I can get stuff done during the day on my days off.

The Garretts are out of town this week, so I'm dogsitting for Pokey and Boo-boo, both Shih-Tsus, very cute. :) Apparently Gathering Place is still meeting at the Garrett household though, so I probably should do some cleaning up before everyone shows up Friday at 7. I think Stephen is leading it. I missed it last week, so this week'll be nice.

It's very gross and muggy here today. Right now we've got 81 degrees, (heat index 85) with 73% humidity. You walk outside and sweat from standing there. It's supposed to hit 90 before the day's over. That and it's going to rain eventually, which will cool things off, thank goodness!

At least I'm having a good hair day. ;)


Anonymous said...

I have no clue what you at talking about...but you! - shoe-on

Anonymous said...

Gross and muggy are a perfect description of OH weather right now too. Misery loves company, so we are all sweating together. M

Amanda Lee Genaro said...

have fun dogsitting... I think those dogs are so ugly... but that makes them cute... maybe because I feel sorry for them lol... but anyway. I really want to go to Gathering Place... I need to make priorities! Also, I wish it were in the 80s here... even 90 is okay... I am in Texas right now visiting family and it is like 96 and with heat index like a billion and twelve degrees!!! and they are having a cold front!