Wednesday, September 28, 2005


According to, it is currently fifty degrees here, and cold and gray and rainy...not the perfect fall weather we've been experiencing the past week or so. Tonight it's supposed to be 35....aughhh! Time to bust out the coats.


Anonymous said...

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word to your mother said...

jennifer. did not Mrs. Nichols ever tell you that "bust" is not correct grammar?

Barbara said...

anonymous looks like they are spamming with the excuse of minimizing spam... huh???

Jenni call me tonight ok?

Becky said...

well burst out the coats definately doesnt sounds right.
IN has been rainy too. but def not 50! my hand is extended to the north in intercession for the minnesotans.

melissa said...

yeah, cold front visited us today.

Anonymous said...

And to think we spent so much on you all's fine educations!!
It's embarrassin!

Emily said...

What you whinin' about? Welcome to Washington! LOL hehe

Amanda Lee said...

I love FALL! I love the cold! YAY! October is my favorite month... I am excited!
Someone from IN commented on your blog! YAY! Yeah Indiana!